September 12th - 16th Visit
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Day 2 (September 15th)

Hiking up Cross Mountain
My sleep schedule was off. I woke up at about 1am and wrote about Day 1's activities. Kevin slept in until about 6am.
Can you see St. James?
We then got up and decided to hike Cross Mountain together. We got there a few minutes after 7 -- it was crowded. This seems to be a popular time, perhaps because the temperature was cool? Highs were in the mid 80's to low 90's.

The Cross
Behind the Cross at Cross Mountain 
Lots of people

Sweets Crepe Cafe
After Cross Mountain, around 9am, we decided to eat breakfast. Kevin had been interested in a Crepe restaurant that was closed last time we visited Medjugorje.  We ate there, it was very good, and very reasonable (as is most food in Medjugorje).  Kevin ordered the Malina crepe and orange juice, I ate Šumska and a smoothy.  The total cost was around $5 per person.


Crepe Menu

Next we went to morning English Mass at 10am. It was lead by a priest from Boston. During his homily, he asked everyone to for a moment of silence to pray and let the Holy Spirit guide each of us. Up to that
Mary in St. James
point, I had been somewhat stressed about finding a flower display or something that I could buy for Mary on behalf of Hoatlung from Holy Redeemer (she had given me some money for this) -- I couldn't find flowers anywhere, and google searches for this in Medjugorje just came up with "Hotel Flowers". I got the feeling that I should not worry, God's Will would take care of it. Mass ended, it was another beautiful Mass, very moving.

After Mass, we visited the statue of Mary in the church and prayed for all the intentions that I have been carrying everywhere with my everywhere in Medjugorje. There is something about this statue, or maybe it was just the emotions from the Mass. This is a good place to pray!

Near the Blue Cross
Then Kevin decided to go back and rest, I decided to head to Apparition Hill -- I hadn't gone yet, in part due to the afore mentioned flowers I couldn't find. As soon as we set off, there was
the flower shop that I had somehow missed despite looking everywhere. I bought flowers and carried them to Apparition Hill to set the Blue Cross. While at the Blue Cross, I prayed a special rosary for Baby Ava, who needs heart surgery. For those that
Blue Cross
don't know, the Blue Cross is where Mary currently appears to Mirjana on the 2nd of the Month. Our family was there on April 2nd, 2018 to witness the apparition. I knelt at prayed the rosary at about the same spot Mirjana does when the Blessed Mother appears to her.

After Apparition Hill, I did some shopping while walking back to the Church for Adoration. I also stopped to buy some lunch -- a piece of pizza, a bottle of water, and a pastry with meat in it. It cost about $3. I attended Adoration, prayed the rosary (again for everyone's intentions that were sent with me). Then I headed back to the hotel to rest. Kevin was just finishing his nap, and was just heading out the door.

After a couple hours rest, Kevin came back and we headed to evening Croatian Mass. Evening Mass was packed again. It's amazing to see so many people, from so many different places, speaking many different languages come together to celebrate Mass together. Most people have radios to listen to the translation in their language. Some singing parts have words on the screen, other parts are in Latin that most people know.  Beautiful.

After mass, Kevin and I went to Viktors (my wife's favorite) for dinner. This is one of the more expensive places in Medjugorje. It is right across from the church and is more "upscale"
Viktors Menu
than many other restaurants in the area. It was originally recommended to us by someone at Hotel Luna as one of the best places to eat. I had spaghetti carbonara, Kevin had Hawaiian pizza
Spaghetti Carbonera

and strawberry juice (see pictures below -- note, the fake head on Kevin is a feature from his iPhone: animoji). The total came out to 14 Euros, about $16.50.  The total food cost for the day was about $17 per person (3 meals, 2 at sit-down restaurants and 1 at a pastry shop).

During dinner, I realized I didn't have my phone. Afterwards, we checked the car -- not there. We
then retraced our steps back to mass, and sure enough someone had found it, had tried to find us (not sure how they could do that), and was happy that we came back looking. I don't think anything or anybody could stay lost in Medjugorje. We attended a special Adoration outdoors.

We were both exhausted, so we called it a night...

-Ken & Kevin