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Board of Directors Meeting

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Board Minutes
October 11th, 2018
Brush Prairie, WA

Board Members

Present: Ken Paulsen (Jr), Ken Paulsen (Sr), David Heitzman
Quorum present? Yes


  • Meeting called to order: 6:12pm by Ken Paulsen
  • Opening Prayer
  • Reviewed and approved previous meeting minutes.
    • Motion: Ken Paulsen Sr.; Second: David Heitzman
  • Officer Reports:
    • President: Ken briefly discussed his recent visit to Medjugorje and handed out small gifts.

    • Vice President: David reminded everyone about passport requirements, he still needs to renew his own.

    • Treasurer: Ken (Sr) discussed the bank options and requirements that he sent out. Still awaiting 501(c) documents before he can proceed.

  • Old Business:
    • Website & Flyers - Short discussion on content currently on the website and ideas for new content. We all still have flyers available to distribute -- will print more if needed.

    • Bank account - As mentioned in officer report, Ken (Sr) stated Banner Bank appears to be our best option, he is awaiting needed documents to apply.  The application process may require multiple people to be present to be added as signers.

    • Documents Binders - Ken (Sr) showed binder he put together for our important organization documents. Currently has tabs for document categories such as: bank, bylaws, minutes, etc.

    • Board Director Recruitment - Ken mentioned Mark MacKenzie expressed interest in joining the board. Mark was on vacation during the meeting, hopefully he will be able to join our next meeting.

    • Name / Mission Statement - We reviewed our Google Docs collaboration on these topics. Ken expressed interest in having "Gospa" in the name. No action taken.

    • Nonprofit Status - Ken updated his (small) progress on creating draft Bylaws. Ken hopes to have a first draft of the Bylaws by next meeting.

  • New Business:
    • Promoting our Spring 2019 trip - Ken expressed that he felt the next couple of months leading up to the Christmas season were the last "key" months to get additional people to join our trip. Anyone may join up to the last minute, but the likelihood will drop with less advance planning time.

      We discussed adding public informational meetings about our trip.  Decided on dates and added them to our calendar:

      • October 21st, 6pm in Portland
      • October 25th, 6pm in Vancouver
      • November 8th, 6pm in Vancouver (w/ Board meeting at 5pm)
      • November 13th, time and location TBD
      • November 19th, time TBD in Vancouver
      • December 4th, time TBD in Vancouver

    • Travel Plans - Discussed need to firm up our own travel dates to help communicate this to others joining our trips. We agreed to the following dates (+/- a day or two due to flights or other considerations):

      • Ken - March 22nd, 2019 -> April 5th
      • David - March 29th, 2019 -> April 6th
      • Ken (Sr) - March 22nd, 2019 -> April 3rd

      Due to school, some of our family members may be coming / going on different dates.

      Ken will look into Hotels soon.

    • Calendar - Above dates for informational meetings and trip dates were noted. The next Board of Directors meeting was schedule for November 8th, prior to the informational meeting schedule the same night.

    • Meeting Adjourned: 7 46pm
      • Motioned: David; Second: Ken (Sr)